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Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death – Red Light Error Permanent Fix


Xbox 360 has been reported with hardware problems especially with the red light error. These are the errors occurring because of overheating of the videogame console. The console has a power button, around which there will be lights placed in quadratic fashion which glows in green or red color to show the working condition of the consoles hardware. When any problem arise within the hardware, then the color of the lights near the power button turns into red and at the same time warning the user by means of displaying an error message on the screen. The power button and the lights around the button are called as the power ring.


When you start your console, it should glow in green color when the boot is normal. But, if there is any problem with the connection or hardware or interface devices then the power ring will glow in red color. The number of red lights varies according to the problem. There may be one or two or three red lights glowing when a fault occurs. For example, when there is some problem with the AV cable connection then one red light will be glowing.

Recently most of the consoles are reported with a three red light error. This error occurs because of the overheating of the console or it may be due to the weak solder joints or inadequate natural air flowing which is required for cooling the processor.


The red light can be solved by removing the X clamp from the motherboard of the console that holds the heat sinks of the processor. The heat sinks are again placed back to the motherboard by means of screw and bolt arrangement. This arrangement helps to provide enough air circulation to the motherboard and avoids the overheating of the console. As a result, the three red lights error is solved and when restarted the consoles power ring glows in green color. The red light error is otherwise known as the ‘Red Rings of Death’ or RRoD.


The removal of X clamp can be performed in many ways. The console can be given to Microsoft service centre and can get it repair there. But, this is comparatively costlier than the other cheaper methods. One more drawback is that the servicing period is too lengthy such that you need to wait for up to three months to get your console back.

Many Xbox gamers suggest that the red ring of death can be solved by repairing on your own. For this, there are some video tutorials available in the internet. These videos will explain you how to fix them in a more elaborate manner and moreover it’s very easy to fix your Xbox in just an hour. The main advantage is that, your console gets ready within an hour and you can start playing on the same day without wasting the time.

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