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Why can’t I play PS2 games on my PS3?


I recently bought a new 80GB PS3. It has the option to create both PS1 and PS2 internal memory cards. So I created them, and assigned them. But I still can’t play my PS2 games, what is going on?

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  1. if your ps3 only has 2 usb ports than it dosn’t play ps2 games. the ps2 memory card creator is just part of the software and sony didn’t remove it when they removed the ps2 gamplay ability from the 80gb. i have the same thing on mine. hope this helps.

  2. Weird enough, the one you bought gave you the option to create an internal ps2 memory card, but sadly it doesn’t play them.

  3. Since you bought the new version of the ps3, I am sorry but you can’t play them. Sony lost a lot of money making 4 usb plugs, sd card reader slots, silver chrome mirror looking thingy and ps2 backward compatibility.

    The new ps3 model can’t play ps2 games. And doesn’t have all that applies as those of older ps3 models.

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