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Which one is better? PS3 or Xbox 360?


Please, do not be hypocrite saying that they both have their good things. There has to be one better than the other. I HAVE OWNED BOTH CONSOLES, if you buy a Xbox 360, later you’ll end up paying the price (and maybe more) of a PS3 in accessories.

*PS3 details*

– Built-in WiFi (don’t need to be a $80 Wi-Fi adapter)

– Controllers with internal rechargeable batteries

– Bluetooth (You will be able to choose between a BIG selection of different bluetooth headsets, they don’t even have to be exclusive for PS3)

– Bluray (Disc with bigger space = longer storyline and better graphics for exclusives games, HD movies)

– Built-in power supply (don’t have an A/C power brick)

– Free online gaming

– Disc slot (modern disc drive, like the Wii)

– Internet browser (don’t need to explain)

– Every console has HDMI

– CURRENTLY it has the best/highest rated exclusives

Xbox 360

– WiFi adapter (after buying the console if you want WiFi, you’ll have to buy a adapter)

– Controllers with regular AA batteries (if you want rechargeable batteries, you’ll have to buy them separately, plus a battery charger)

– Exclusive headsets (you can only chose between approximately 3 headsets to play online)

– DVD only (sure there is HD DVD, but not even that has as much space as a Bluray disc)

– EXTERNAL power supply (big power supply, which can sometimes bother, it’s bigger than a brick)

– Pay to play online (sure it is great, but when I’m playing multiplatform games online, I don’t see a big difference from PSN)

– An old styled disc tray (out of the 3 gaming system of the 7th generation of gaming, is the only one with a disc tray)

– No internet browser (no internet broswer, yet it is from Microsft, ironic)

– Not every console has HDMI (they added HDMI port after they saw the PS3 had one)

– Halo, Gears of War, and Fable. (those are the only reason that 360 users mention to make purchase a 360)

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  1. def the ps3.its just a more powerful machine.if you are asking about what comes out of the box its def ps3 if youre asking about the graphics capabilities its ps3 if you are asking for reliability its ps3.

    So unless there are specific games you like and there are only available for xbox id say go for the ps3. It is pretty obvious that the xbox is a very good machine( i actually own one) BUT it only tries to do what the ps3 is doing.

    It is plain logic.

  2. 360 is better for sure. cheaper base price, more available games, and more access to used games at gamestop, craigslist, ebay, etc. Better 360 only titles. Ps 3 is not better in any aspects, that is why 360 always outsells it.

  3. I agree with your notes. The PS3 has the best graphics in the gaming world so far, but the online interactions are of a very poor quality. Xbox seems to put a lot of pressure on game developers to make the live experience as best as they can. All Xbox’s being made currently have an HDMI port, so although it was a past fault I do not think it applies anymore. The browser on the PS3 is awesome, and the Xbox totally needs one. Microsoft should have put in a built in wifi adapter, but it seems as if the Xbox 360 just couldn’t fit it inside of it, considering it was small when it was first released (the first PS3 was enormous). The controllers I don’t mind, and the same goes for the power supply. Microsoft does need to get blu ray though. HD DVD’s were kicked off the market after a power struggle with blu ray, and Microsoft bet on the wrong horse to begin with.

  4. Well if you ask me PS3 because i have had my PS3 for 2 years and i have already gone through 3 Xboxs in those 2 years if you ask me Xbox is a * machine it is made to self destruct. If you want a good online experience for a short time Xbox. If you want a decent online experience just about forever then PS3. Simply put Xbox=Undurable Great Time PS3=Super Durable Good Time.

  5. PS3 is better all around,better exclusive games and all games look better on a PS3.

    Also the PS3 has been outselling the 360 all year long and will pass 360 on total systems sold by july.

    360 is a old outdated system that will never be rid of the rrod.

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