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What is a good xbox live gamertag?


Me and my cousin want similar gamertags but alls we can think of is something to do with skittles. We;re just kids (i’m 12 and hes 11) I’m thinkin about Forsaken Skittles but the only problem is.whats his going to be? I would like our gamertags to be similar.thats the main idea of it. Help would be appreciated.or just your ideas!

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  1. are you sharing the account or something. if you are then:


    if not then:



  2. One of you should use leet. One be Forsaken Skittles and the other could be 4saken Skittles or F0R54K3N Skittles. Any combo with the letter number leet will work. here are some of the leet letters to help

    0 can be used for O

    1 can be used for I (or L)

    2 can be used for Z (or R and Ä)

    3 can be used for E

    4 can be used for A

    5 can be used for S

    6 can be used for G (or B)

    7 can be used for T (or L)

    8 can be used for B

    9 can be used for P (or G and Q)

  3. you could use like your favorite activities. like if you like basketball ball or football, you could either be,”ballin skittles”, or “knockem skittles down”

    and if your cousin likes baseball, he could be “runnin skittles”!

    happy gamin!

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