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(Warframe) First Look: Nidus – Infestation Overload!


So, Nidus the infested frame is here, but what have I found out about him so far??!

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(Warframe) First Look: Nidus - Infestation Overload!


  1. This video was awesome, so sad that console players have to wait for this update 🙁 we'll probably see it next year on January hopefully lol. I have a PC account and went and bought him lol so far I'm having fun he's really cool. I haven't been this excited since chroma ^_^

  2. so nidas is basically alot like a plague a slow build up but when that happens it's almost unstoppable

  3. The 4 ability is beautiful when you color it with neon colors or gem tones. its a shame you arent able to see it.

  4. One additional thing that I didn't see you mention, whenever you have parasitic link cast on a target and you use your 1, a second instance of your 1 will activate targeting the same point you targeted with your link target as the point of origin.

  5. His first ability gives back some of energy and NEGATIVE efficiency increases that refund. I run Nidus with giant range to group up a ton of enemes with 2, decent strength to boost all damage and good duration so that all abilities last longer. 55% efficiency is only a problem when mutations are low and you don't have energy podszenurik.

  6. You don't need efficiency, you get back more energy for each enemy the less efficiency you have, I use negative efficiency with arcane energize and zenurik and I'm getting energy for casting virulence while one-hitting level 100 enemies.

  7. You left one thing out. When you cast 3 on an enemy the 1 ability will cast from that too. (ergo 2x 1 ability)

  8. With Nidus the energy per enemy hit on his 1 gains you more the lower your efficiency is so that's really awesome (it should be 4 enemies to completely get the energy back) though I might be wrong on that haven't had him for every long

  9. inaros vs wukong vs rhino vs nezha vs nidus = who is the immortal ? nezha has a weak shield, rhino sucks, innaors can be killed, wukong is paper once he has no ernegy, nidus wins

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