Home Videos Stream Video and Music to Xbox One from PC (Windows 7)

Stream Video and Music to Xbox One from PC (Windows 7)


Stream Video and Music to Xbox One from PC (Windows 7)

How to Stream Video from your Computer to your Xbox 360

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  1. Nice Video, but my Xbox One tells me: "No Devices found".
    I think that I am not the only one with this Problem.

  2. Great video thank you. I'm using windows 7 on my laptop. do you know how i can record my battlefield 1 game play and make compilation videos of my best kills. using my laptop and xbox 1.?

  3. thanks man I was looking for a vid that is not all about windows 10 for about 10 mins nice and easy and we'll explained cheers

  4. did everything u said. but pc cant find driver updates even tho it says it needs them. most of my files show up but not all of them. its quite frustrating switching between xone and 360 just to watch my movies and shows.

  5. Hello, I followed all of your instructions until I came to the section where I try to add my xbox as a device on my computer. It's simply not being recognized. What else could I possibly do to have my computer recognize my xbox one?

  6. Uh so I'm at college using college wifi and my xbox is connected through ethernet cable. Can I not do this because of that? My xbox won't show up on devices.

  7. if you connect xbox as device you can just go to media player on xbox and choose folder and it doesnt take long at all

  8. I know this video is old but I have been using the "play to" feature in my library and it has been garbage… thank you.. I can now watch glitch free movies on my xbox.

  9. It only connects to one of the libraries in my media player but it's empty and I don't know how to put stuff in it because I can't find it on my computer

  10. ive been trying this out for hours and followed every guide i could find. my problem was that i needed to add the media to the public video folder. hopefully that helps someone that may have the same problem i was in the future

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