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PS3 sold out at Walmart


PS3 sold out at Walmart

Unboxing: PlayStation 3 nacional 500GB Sony Brasil comprado no Walmart #70 VLOG


  1. As if this a big deal…..wal marts here run out of systems ( both ps3 and 360) and get more within a day or two….it doesn't indicate anything cept that system sold well in the last few days.

    So you pathetic fanboys can just give it up….

  2. well me and my brother was goin to buy god of war 3 for my birthday but they were sold out so I buy dante's inferno

  3. Its the same thing in VA. Every walmart and Bestbuy are sold out of ps3s. I just don;t understand how they say the 360 and wii keep on outselling it if its always sold out

  4. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I went into walmart three times to buy a ps3 and they were sold out. Did they stop selling the consoles?

  5. yea so i went to 4 different stores yesterday, including 2 walmarts, all were sold out, it sucks, sony needs to kick up production

  6. you are the true definition of loser with no life
    why would you go to walmart and film this?
    and then put it on youtube?
    get a life

  7. Excuse me sir, could you admit this factual evidence to the lab? We're investigating the suicides of 360 fanboys everywhere; we have reason to believe the PS3 slim may have induced serious mental trauma that may be responsible for their suicides. This FACTUAL EVIDENCE would be helpful for our investigation. Thank you.

  8. lol nice. at my local best buy all they had was 2 160 gb ps3. and infamous with the uncharted beta code was 10% off.

    Trey 4 Life

  9. cara vc acha que eu consigo jogar online com 1 mega de net no ps3? no xbox 360 eu consigo

  10. Amigo, parabéns pelo canal.Estou pensando em comprar um ps3, mas estou em dúvidas se vale a pena. Gostaria de saber de você se existem rumores sobre o cancelamento da psn para o ps3 neste ano ou no próximo…Pois considero muito esse fator! Obrigado

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