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ps3 1080p question on games?


evertime i play i see this pixels that are like moving in the background. i played mgs4 on 1080p. its native res is 1080p so why do i still see this jaged pixels on the background and when the camera moves the backgrond has this pixels that looks like their moving. is that normal or what?

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  1. I hate to give people bad news but I think you might need a new tv , it sounds from your description like your tv has some dead pixels on the screen , either that or it’s really slow in it’s refresh rate and just can’t produce pixels as fast as the game changes graphics.

    if your tv has any type of anti-burn in setting you should try using it but I have played many ps3 games in 1080p including mgs4 and never saw any issues like you are seeing

    you can try a different hdmi cable ( maybe it’s a bad cable ) or try settings changes like setting rgb to full , enable super white , even use your tv’s game setting if it has one but if you keep seeing this dead pixel effect it’s likely the tv that’s failing or if it’s the response time then you’ll have to live with it ( if some pixels on screen are dead then you see jagged edges or miss some pixels on certain areas of the screen )

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