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Playstation 1 To Playstation 4 Startup


Playstation 1 To Playstation 4 Startup

PlayStation 4 Startup Screen in 1080p HD


  1. I like all of the playstation consoles, they are all unique in their own way, and it's their own fucking right to be that way.

  2. Why is this so satisfying? All those memories… Tekken, Crash Bandicot, Tomb Raider, Gex, Driver, Resident Evil… :')

  3. my god the ps2 one… those Dragonball Budokai Tenkaichi/ratchet and clank Memories with my cousin

  4. I think what's interesting is that from the PS1 all the way through to PS4, the music gets less interesting and less unique. Anyone who hears the PS1-PS2 start up music knows it's a Playstation console. The PS3 just sounds so bland and the PS4… nothing, just the bland logo.

    I think it's also interesting how older technology (older computers, tv's, game systems) have a very unique and memorable sound, and as technology advances, the consoles and computers have almost a bland look and there is almost no intro music at all.

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