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I have a question about a ps3?


i am getting a ps3 because they are alot better than xbox 360’s, but i am a big fan of halo 3. Haze for playstation 3 is coming out and its suppossed to be a replica of halo but better, is that the truth or not? because haze looks pretty sick to me:)

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  1. It sure is taking them long enough to develop Haze, I know that much. I don’t think that they would actually try to make a replica of Halo, that would get them sued. But they may be making a similar game.

    Anyway once you get the ps3 you will find that there are already tons of shooters available, most of them are very similar. People think there needs to be a “Halo” for ps3, a big mega-blockbuster title, but they forget that there never was any such title for ps2 and it still dominated the market. The reason is that when there are so many good games, none of them stands out enough to be the one must-have. That’s what has happened with ps3 shooters, so many devs thought they would make the next Halo or the next Unreal Tournament that it’s virtually impossible. There are now so many titles, many good, many mediocre, that no one of them is going to get all the attention. Even Unreal Tournament 3 isn’t the “next Unreal Tournament.” But that’s a good thing, more to choose from.

    Haze will undoubtedly be a very popular game, but that is not going to stop people from playing Call of Duty 4, or Warhawk, and its thunder will be stolen by GTA4 too.

    Look at the demos for shooters in the ps store, you’ll see that so many of them are excellent that they start to look relatively mediocre individually, unless they are truly exceptional.

  2. Well 1st on nice choice choosing it over 360 because they really suck and only halo 3 seemed to keep it alive. but yea i heard that haze was supposed to be like a replica of halo and it looks really good doesn’t it?

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