Home Playstation Forum how do you put shows from ps3 to a usb?

how do you put shows from ps3 to a usb?


so here is the story i purchased an episode of dbz on my ps3 and i want to try to put it on my usb so i can watch it on my laptop

1st is this possible?

2nd how would i go about doing this?

really i just want to know if i can have all the episodes of dbz on usb so i can view it on my laptop whenever 😀

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  1. Its usually put in the usb, go to the episode, triangle, copy, select usb and done. Since you purchased the video on the ps3 however, I dont think you can move it. Your best bets would be to watch the dbz episodes at justdubs.net or animefreak.tv on your laptop or you can get into torrent downloads.

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