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How do I know if my xbox has the Falcon Chip or the Jasper Chip?!!?


I checked my xbox to see what it was. This is a new xbox that MS gave to me as a replacement for my other xbox.

Well anyways, mine has 16,2a.

The Falcon is 14,2a and the Jasper is 12,2a. So how do I know what mine is?

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  1. the newer jasper console’s have 150 watt power supplies instead of the original 175 watt ones. Check to see which one you have, its written on your power brick. The newer consoles (ones made in late 2007-2008) with 175 watt are most likely falcon chipsets.

  2. It sounds like it’s a Zephyr which is 16,5A which was before both of those. They must have sent you a refurbished one.

  3. Well, Jasper’s are only made by team FUDO, so if yours was made by them, it could possibly a jasper.

    But i have seen a couple of people that are buying 360s manufactured after 2008 11(month)18(day), are are coming back with the v1 xenon boards, so not every 360 made recently are Jasper’s. i have also seen cases of people receiving a jasper which only needs 150 watts, but coming with 203watt power supply units.

    I think you received the xenon , which was the first 360s produced, but i’m pretty sure they did some revisions on it so that it runs like a falcon.

  4. [url is not allowed].

    The Xbox 360 box has a hole at the top of it where the bar code of the console is visible. Clerks usually scan this when you buy one. What you need to do it look at the lower left corner of this box. If you peer closely you can make out at least half of the voltage/amperage rating of the unit. The # of amps used by the 12 volt rail is the key to determining which console it is. The photos below show this in detail.

    14.2 amps equals a Falcon unit (65nm CPU, 90nm GPU). Please keep in mind there’s nothing wrong with having one of these, I play mine a lot and it’s fine. You might not be able to see the whole voltage listing just through the peep-hole, but you should at least be able to see if a 14.2A or 12.1A is just to the left of the “5V”.

    12.1 amps equals a Jasper unit (65nm CPU, 65nm GPU). This voltage rating is also listed above the power input, but of course you can’t see that when it’s in the box.

    There has been a lot of discussion about lot #’s, power supply ratings, and things of that nature being used to find Jaspers. I have found those to be unreliable. For instance, this Jasper was lot #0842X.

    However at Circuit City today I saw a 0843X Arcade unit, but it was 14.2 amps.

    Also this particular Jasper came with a 175W power supply (like the Falcons used). They are probably trying to use up all the older PSU’s and thus it was packed with the unit. Keep in mind that even if this Xbox only needs 150W it’s not a issue to power it with a 175W supply, just like people who put 700W PSU’s in their PC’s for no apparent reason.

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