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Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Review


Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Review


  1. DS2 is the best version for players new to the series. I bought all 1 and 2(SOTFS) together, played 1 stopped midway because it was clunky and hard, picked up DS2 and found it really good in area of controls.

  2. The Dragon in heide's tower of flame i not there for ps3 and xbox 360. many things that should be for dark souls 2 softs ps4,xbox one is not there for ps3 and xbox 360. (sry for bad english)

  3. also its on sale xbox one live for around £10.99 thats great its still around £8 for xbox ond ps3 ver

  4. The hate will just fade away once your into the game . but i feel the guys who ended had left them salty comparing it with other soul games

  5. so it's an update and a dlc in one, so you still have thé base game but it's even better and has more content, right?

  6. how come it gets the same score as the original version when this is obviously better and improve a lot of things pff!

  7. Wish I could get used to the fighting style in this one. DS1 was perfect for me. However I cannot step away from the second bonfire in Forest of the Fallen Giants without severe frustration with how the game plays.

  8. got demons and dark souls on PS3, planning on moving on to the PS4 souls game, should i get this since its cheap? or wait for DS3 complet edition, or bloodborne? really want to play a knight class tho. what i loved about the ps3 games is the detailed world, every part of the map feels like it has a purpose.

  9. I actually feel like Dark Souls 2 has a much better combat system then Dark Souls 3 and you can't just easily roll and dodge an attack on Dark Souls 2 Scholar of First Sin which Dark Souls 3 did, that ended up making it feel easier which is a bad thing considering the game is based around being hard, overall Dark Souls 3 was the easiest out of 1 and 2, but each Souls game has its cons and pros

  10. 12$ on steam right now! i already beat the first one and ds3 but never played this one …. should i get it asap at this price or wait for a 80-90% discount? lol

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