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Clash of the Titans: The Videogame Review


Clash of the Titans: The Videogame Review


  1. This game is repetitive. I agree with this argument. It will probably will be better if was 25% less longer.

  2. This game was release in 2010 but has 2007's graphics when ps3 was released. I disagree that ps2 can run this game very well. It would work for ps2, if it was made it, but run at 480p not HD because the fact is that ps2 doesn't have enough memory for action games in 720p. Besides we will probably have rendering delay in ps2 because the game have a free camera. Most of ps2 games with free camera has a disturbing noise due to rendering delay. GoW2 doesn't have this problem because it was intelligently made with fixed camera. We didn't notice these fucking noise in the past because we usually played ps2 games in analog TV which has the magic of blurring effect. But if you play a ps2 game with a free camera today in a hdtv using a hdmi converter or in a pc monitor using a ps2 emulator WITHOUT improvement filters, you will notice that the past graphics are not good today. Even Resident Evil 4 and Shadow of Collossus has this fucking problem. Luckily we have HD versions of these games.

  3. I'm not seeing where the hate is coming from. I spent 2 hours last night playing it and have really enjoyed the experience. The controls are tight the fighting is fun. Collecting weapons and upgrading them is fun. Each weapons has a different attack despite being the same type of weapon. The graphics are decent. The GOW style finishing moves are satisfying. Having a good time for the 10 bucks I spent.

  4. 2 years late on this comment, but I'm actually playing the game right now and enjoying it. It's a ton of fun and no where near a 1 out of 10.

  5. Dood you got fucked in the ass big time! Leave them a while and buy offer fleabay! Take care fellow gamer! 

  6. You could be a Moron? LOL. Only kiddin dude! I must be the only guy in the World who hated Skyrim ha ha. Its just a matter of oppinion dude, Happy Gaming. 

  7. Am I the only one who actually enjoyed this game?
    Im working on the platinum now an denjoying every minute of it!

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