Home Playstation Games CGR Undertow – FOOSBALL 2012 review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – FOOSBALL 2012 review for PlayStation 3


CGR Undertow - FOOSBALL 2012 review for PlayStation 3

Trying out Foosball 2012 on the PS3. This is also an experiment with Twitter.tv to see how their streaming works.

I guess I’ll have to wear headphones next time to get rid of any echo.

Foosball 2012 PS3


  1. A) foosball "2012" are they planning to do yearly updates? B) Foosball with analogue sounds counter intuitive and really absurd. C) The fun of foosball is the barroom. D) lack of game modes? Are you serious?

  2. I think people can build their own Foosball table for nearly $60. This game's existance makes me sad- lol. However the designers did a good job the graphics and physics look great.

  3. Of course. Foosball is supposed to be like football/soccer and American football is nothing like either of them.

  4. Its for vita too but its boring imo. Buuuut we vita owners are getiing ninja gaiden sigma for free tomorrow!!!!!!!

  5. another free psn +Plus title review, but this game isnt very good, good thing you or I didnt pay for it. 

  6. i like fooseball and never get a chance to play it, but i like the ball of fire. very cool, will have to go on my wishlist

  7. this game is terrible. i got most of the trophies by constantly moving the players in up-down motion and slamming the joystick to the right. it's only a matter of time before you score goals this way. there's no point trying to master it because on hardest difficulty the game basically starts cheating.

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