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10 Best First Person Shooter Games Of All Time


10 Best First Person Shooter Games Of All Time


  1. THATS RIGHT…. CSGO #1… Babyyy you require true skill to master that game… Run and shoot players wont understand… xD

  2. Duke was Way ahead of it s Time
    Remote Controlled Pipebombs,and a Hologram most of Us never used.
    And filled with secrets,and cheecky easter Eggs

    Anyway,my top 3;

    Return Castle Wolfenstein

    Medal of Honor Allied Assault

    Far Cry (1)

    All these Games are a real Adventure!
    A true Gaming Experience!

    These days,U won't find so much effort in Gaming Development.

    Before this Era Duke owned me,Found 2 Secret Levels…
    Hexen also Blew My Mind

  3. This list is redundant. So what everyone likes it, so what it's an MLG game? Do you as a consumer but a game based on what others think? IE people who don't play for the same reason you do? Who think differently than you? Or are very biased about a certain thing? Cod multiplayer is a joke. So is BF. No squad tactics . If there is some.. It's minimal at best, there isn't a meta / short term reward that is fitting for putting so much effort into it. I like Planetside 2. Even tho it gets boring and its repetitive because there is only 5 continents to fight on. It's hard to find a good fight where your not out popped or out leveled. But it's one of its kind. 

  4. This list shouldent be based around MP combat.. That's not what an FPS supposed to be. If I want multiplayer I play a game that's based ONLY around multiplayer.
    That should be a separate vid. Best FPS game? Cod? That's shit. Story is shit, BF? Story is basically a waters down Cod. I'd go with spec ops the line. I know its 3rd person but still. The story is unbeatable against any other FPS. If I'm going to buy a FPS, I'm not getting it just for multiplayer. Because, it will burn out eventually. 

  5. hold on….HALF LIFE 2 is not famous for the multiplayer? have you ever heard about Counter strike? Portal + portal2 or Gerys mode?

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