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Wii or xbox 360 which is better?


I want to give a gift to my son but i dunno which one because i dont really know anything about these videogames. Lol.

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  1. Would you rather hear your boy say, “hmm, I guess I could play tennis. yawn” if you went with the Wii or he could say, “After I win this race, I’m gonna do some headshots in Call of Dutes!” if you went with the 360.

  2. I got my 360 at 13 and i loved it and still do now im 15

    I got my wii at 12 and i loved it for about 2 months and got VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY bored of it. Get him a 360 because there are many games for children on it and when he grows up he play play the better games that the wii dosen’t have.

  3. It Depends How old he is 5-12 Wii 13-15Xbox it also depends if he is more mature interactive or Graphics

    Xbox: Graphics, Gameplay,DvD Player, Downloadable content

    Wii: Interactive, Wiimote ANd more


  4. Xbox 360 is more geared towards older gamers like teens and up, the WII is a Nintendo and there really are no adult games for it only “baby” games or “kid” games so if your son is around 10 i’d get him the WII. But the WII controller is mostly movement related ex. instead of hitting a button you may swing it around in the air (possibly for baseball) It is famous for the 20 sport pack for it that’s like $30 and well worth it. Gl on your decision.

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