Home Playstation Forum send ps3 to sony or pay 200$ for my friends ps3?

send ps3 to sony or pay 200$ for my friends ps3?


so if i send my ps3 to sony its going to cost $150.i got the yellow light of death.or i can buy my friends ps3 that works perfectly fine at $200.the thing is if i send my ps3 to sony do you think its going to get the yellow light of death again or is it going to be YLOD free?.another question is ,do all ps3 get the YLOD?

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  1. i think i heard that either.1% or 1% of PS3’s get YLOD, that includes refurbished and brand new ones. at that i would save the $50 and send it to sony because of their expertise and the off chance that your friends ps3 may get YLOD.Sony will also clean out all the vents on your ps3 and dust is the #1 reason why the YLOD happens.lastly, keep your PS3 on a hard surface in the open so that this doesnt happen again, and take a vaccum cleaner to the vents every couple months

  2. Depending on how good you take care of your ps3 depends on if you will get the ylod. It depends on what ps3 your friend has to determine if its a good deal.

    You should fix your ps3 by yourself. Its the cheapest option out of them all. You have to use a good guide though.

    Here is the best guide to fix the ylod: [url is not allowed]

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