Home Xbox Games DiRT Rally vs WRC 5!!! – (Car List, Gameplay, Graphics Comparison)

DiRT Rally vs WRC 5!!! [Xbox One] – (Car List, Gameplay, Graphics Comparison)


DiRT Rally vs WRC 5!!! [Xbox One] - (Car List, Gameplay, Graphics Comparison)


  1. DiRT Rally is so superior to WRC 5 it isn't even funny. Colin McRae Rally games from 15 years ago are still miles better than WRC 5 – not to mention they ran at 60fps on the original Xbox but two generations later WRC 5 can only manage a stuttery 30fps.

  2. Dirt Rally
    -Beautiful looking
    -Great sounds
    -Nice HUD and sleek design

    -Confusing Menu
    -Lacklustre story

    WRC 5:
    -More locations
    -More interesting career mode

    -Not enough of a sim
    -Outdate graphics
    -Poor sound design

  3. Soooooo basicly DiRT Rally is the one I wanna buy…But is there any rally game where you can design your own tracks like V-Rally and a real damage realism like Project Cars or rFactor etc? (Hit a tree and your out or lost a wheel) I'm really into REAL realism, even if you hit a tree hard enough your car is totalled or your driver died or something)

  4. Dirt Rally Has 46 Cars & WRC 6 Has 20.Such A Lol I Have.Dirt Rally Is The Best Game.I Will Buy That!!!

  5. You didn't even bother trying out the dirt rally multiplayer? Comparing two games and completely disregarding the multiplayer of dirt rally because you couldn't spend 2 minutes making an account? I think the RX multiplayer is awesome in dirt, bloody twat.

  6. I found a nice arcade game in a knotts berry farm arcade. It was called w2c rally or wrc i forgot but i kinda liked it better than initial d

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