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Image left right after turning off my ps3/360?


I recently noticed that when I power down my 360, right as the screen goes black there is a brief image , like colored pixels that appears for a second and then dissapear and the unit shuts down. This happens sometimes with the ps3 as well but not all the time. (also the ps3s image is different, its black and white, while the xbox is green and redish)

I just bought a new HD tv and am using HDMI cables, don’t know if that matters but I know the tv has no problems and I never get any images like that while playing games, watching movies, etc, only when I shut down the console. Any ideas what this is? Thanks

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  1. it i think pixelates when it turns off GOT TO REMEBER HD LETS YOU SEE THINGS YOU CANT See but it even happens on my standard tv it may be reciver lag where the feed from you ps3/xbox360 is off and it slowly turns of your tv feed D: i dont know im not a perfessional 🙂

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