Home Xbox Forum Why won’t my xbox wireless show any sign of it working?

Why won’t my xbox wireless show any sign of it working?


My Xbox wireless is not showing any signs of it working I have placed it into every USB port and no light appears but unfortunately it still does not work does anybody have any solutions as I am unable to buy a new one. It just randomly stopped working I had not taken it out of the USB port since it last worked and have tried turning the Xbox off and the on and have checked wiring. Can a anybody

please help without having to buy a new one? And there is no light in the wireless it is a black one with grey antenies

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  1. Have you gone to system settings, network settings on the dashboard and connected to your wifi? Is there a green or red light on your adapter, mail me back
    Right ok, it could be your USB port or your adapter itself. Make sure it’s fully plugged in. If it doesn’t work, call xbox customer service representatives and they’ll help you. Or just go to the shop with your receipt from where you bought it and you’ll be able to swap it or get a refund.

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