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Xbox 360 Live problems! I can only connect to some friends.?


Hello. My name is Trent and I’m having Xbox live issues. It’s not that I can’t connect to Live, but I can’t connect with some friends. I can only connect to some people. If the person I can’t connect with is in the party, it won’t let me join unless the person I can connect to sends me an invite. I used to be able to connect with all of my friends, then once I got a new Black Ops, the problem started. I did every possible solution. I have a modem which is a Speedstream. I have a wireless liksys which is connected to my router which gives me wireless. I have the new xbox 360 slim, which is getting wifi from my Linksys router. This problem started a week ago. But it was working fine two weeks ago.

1. My NAT type is open. UPnP is on. Every that Xbox requires is the way they are right now.

2. I reset my router, and modem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. hi my name is chris from xbox support, the last couple of days there have been many problems on xbox live we are trying to fix them this is one of them go to http://www.zzzxboxsupport/livefreindspp.com put in your gamer tag name and the problem will be solved in 3-8 days. there will also be a 16 day free xbox live trial you can take once we fix the problem it will be set to your xbox so dont worry. my pin # is 6677737678 when you go to the website type that in so they know you got permission to be on the site and type in what you told me. this is based on usa standards the only difference will be if you live in canada it will be 4-9 days for the problem to be solved. There are 34,000 people with this same problem so be patient. Chris xbox support agent for Google&Yahoo

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