Home Xbox Forum Will I Get Banned From XBOX Live?

Will I Get Banned From XBOX Live?


I’m About To Flash My Samsung MS25 With IXTREME LT

I Already Patched SSV2 And They Are All Verified/Stealth Patched.

This Is My First Flash On This System,

Will I Get Banned?

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  1. You along with all the people with modded drives (including me :p) will all eventually get banned.

    Its just a matter of time and how cautious you are will also determine how fast you will get banned.

    Make sure you stealth patch all your games with SSv2 and make sure they’re verified. Also i would just avoid being online during big releases and dashboard updates. Since MS likes to ban people during those times (and you could always just download the dashboard updates to a disk and install it offline.)

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