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Need Ps3 help!?


I want to mention my luck with electronics isn’t good. My iPod broke. My PS3 broke within the first month I had it, sent it in and I got the same thing back. Took me a good 6 weeks to get a working ps3. Anyway, earlier this summer I fixed my ps3’s YLoD. In the process I took my blu-ray player apart just so I could get my game out. That probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do since now that doesn’t work either. Then, update 3.40 was released and then it kept failing over and over so, I keep retrying to see if it will ever update fully. It doesn’t, my ps3 gets the YLoD. again. So, my question is, can I put my hard drive in my brother’s ps3 and get my save data and stuff? Or will it just go back into the update loop?

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  1. Yes and no. If your ps3’s are the same type (either fat and fat or slim and slim) and the newest system update software has been installed on both systems it should work. But if you want to transfer the data from your harddrive to any other one your going to need more equipment and its not recommended that hard drives are swapped out often.

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