Home Xbox Forum Is the “Xbox 720” even real or just a rumor?

Is the “Xbox 720” even real or just a rumor?


So I google it and apparently Microsoft announced that it’s next system the “Xbox 720” will be released somewhere between 2013-2015 but that sounds a little weird to me. What will it be like? What’s gonna be better about the 720 that the 360 doesn’t have or isn’t capable of doing?

Plus I though 720 was an unoriginal and corny name cause it’s just 360+360. Haha anyways.

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  1. It won’t be called the 720. It’s just a made up name people use to refer to a possible next console. They have hinted that it will be a few years until the next console so that time frame is a guess. Basically, no one knows what it will be called or when exactly it will be released.

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