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I’m banned from my Playstation 3!?


My parents banned me from my Playstation 3! I’m addicted to the thing! How do I survive? I am very much depressed from the separation. They bought me a game that I have wanted for a long time on my birthday that was TWO DAYS AGO and then they banned me. I know I’m pathetic so don’t tell me to get a life.

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  1. Excerise,run,swim what ever you like

    If you do this you will soon realise the amount of time you wasted playing games!

    Read a book ever now and then,most importantly study (might not sound appealing but belive me it’s worth it.you can go out & get wasted when you’r done!) do good in school & college.

    You can go back playing enjoyable but overall unifilling games. what will it be?!

    Sure good luck!

  2. Burn the house down. After you burn it down, tell them that they took away your ps3, so you took away their house and everything in it. Fair is fair 🙂

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