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I have a question about the Playstation 4 2015?


I read that the current model is the CUH-1100 500GB

But I also read that they are releasing a 1TB in the CUH-1100 model. Is this correct?

If so why?

because they just announced a CUH-1200A/B 500GB/1TB with a few other changes besides HDD like

– power efficient

– all matte design

– physical buttons.

Also read that this model will have including the change to 8 of 8Gb memory modules (from a previous 16 of 4Gb memory modules)

what is memory module and which one is better the 16 of 4 or 8 of 8?

I’m definitely buying a PS4 this month so need help deciding which model.

Also I know that the HDD can be upgraded by the user!!


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  1. No, the new 1TB is the 1200, there is no 1100 1TB model. Not sure where you heard that. If you can post a link, that would be even better.

    It’s also still got the same amount of RAM, they just changed the RAM chips. So instead of 16chips * 4GB, they cut that in half and doubled each RAM, so it’s now 8chips * 8GB, to save space. It’s still 64GB (16 * 4 = 64 and 8 * 8 = 64).

    It doesn’t matter which model you get as they run the same, just the new one is 10% smaller (by like 1 inch) and 8% less power consumption. Just like all PS3s run the same, just new models have different power usage and slightly different chip layouts.

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