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how to change a xbox gamertag back?


someone changed my gamertag, don’t know how but when I try to pay and change it back it says gamertag not available as if it’s already taken. but no one on xbox live has the name. what gives?

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  1. Try the following:

    Sign in to your profile

    From the Dashboard, go to the System Tab

    Then Select Storage

    Select “All Devices” if the option is there, if not, select your storage device (not Cloud Storage)

    Select “Profiles”

    Select your profile and choose “Delete” and then “Delete Profile Only”

    Now return to the Storage Devices menu.

    Highlight your storage device (hard drive or mem card)

    Press the Y button and choose the option to clear cache

    Restart the console

    Now press the guide button on the controller

    Now select “Recover Gamertag” (the option may be under “Sign In”)

    You will be prompted to enter the e-mail address and password for your Xbox Live account.

    If the name is still incorrect, then you will need to contact Xbox Live support.

  2. So someone hacked your account just to change your gamertag? Right.

    You’ll have to contact their support at this point.

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