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how much money will I get of the console and all the other stuff thanks?


Ok im going to be selling ps2 console and all the pluging’s and ps2 controller’s and im going to be selling 13 games how much money will I get and im willing to buy call of duty ghost so is it enough to buy the game

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  1. a ps2 is only worth $25-$35 with a controller , cables and a memory card included. games vary in value with some worth nothing and some worth a lot , it really depends on what games you have , their condition , rarity and desirability ( sports titles and kids games are worthless , games such as gta san andreas , god of war , final fantasy 12 etc. are worth as much as $6 each and the everyday games like call of duty and rock band are a few dollars each at most )

  2. You should get enough money or at least to buy Call of Duty Ghost for the 360 or ps3.

    I wouldn’t expect much more than 50-60 bucks.

  3. Depends on the games and the condition of the console, you are going to get ripped off with the PS2 because barely anybody plays that anymore, but they will take it. As for the games, it depends on how new and popular they are.

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