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GAMERS please help!!?


I want to buy a console either ps4 or ps3 , when I look at ps4’s features and graphics it’s amazing but when I look at the price and also see that ps4 doesn’t have all the games released yet I think about the ps3

What do you think I should get?

I want to buy the console before June

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  1. I also had the same problem but now I’m buying a Ps4. If you are new to the gaming world and you would not change your console in following years than I think you should jump to Ps4. Although Ps4 is highly priced it is worth it. Ps3 is a EIGHT year old technology so buying a ps3 would not be a choice of a high end gamer*.But if you are not a high end gamer you can go for Ps3. Ps4 is a future investment and in following years Ps3 will not have that value!

  2. The PS4 is the better choice now, it’s too late to get a PS3 since it’s only being supported for another couple of years at most while the PS4 has a decade ahead of it. The PlayStation Now service is also coming to PS4 which will let you stream PS3 games to your PS4.

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