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flashing red light on ps3?


can someone please help my ps3 all of a sudden shut down and now i have a flashing red light and it wont start up again and i left it over night to cool but still wont work whats the problem?
i was in the middle of playing bad company online and the ps3 shut down and the red power light was flashing , when i tried the power button it goes to blue then the fan starts then it flashes a yellowish green and then off to flashing red again anyone ever had or heared of this problem?

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  1. if it shut down by itself and then when you try and start it up again it shuts down straight away and u get a flashing red light you have the yellow light of death it means hardware failure. if you do have this you need to send it to sony

    btw im talking about this

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  2. This answer will be long but will fully answer your question so please bare with me. Your PS3 experienced a serious hardware failure. It’s not about overheating. You know those “chips”? that’s used in electronics (squares). Well, game consoles rely on two. One for graphics and the other is basically the brain of the system. They’re both pasted (glued) down on the motherboard by using solder, this is what is used to place chips in a board in high end electronics. Now because of hot temperatures these chips emit, they, over a period of time, melt down the solder therefore detaching from the motherboard, either one of them or both of them. Fortunately, Sony has made great manufacturing progression in making smaller chips that run much, much cooler thus decreasing the already low under 1% failure rate. Actually, Toshiba makes these chips. Toshiba now made even more progression in manufacturing and made even smaller chips that will be used in the upcoming PS3 Slim. These chips run cooler than ever before and are “green” when in comes to power consumption (85 watts max vs almost 200 watts in original PS3’s). But if the PS3 can afford to be this slim without heating up is a question, that we will know when the new unit releases. In conclusion, calling Sony won’t be the best idea because they’ll send you a refurbished unit that was broken but fixed, possibly put together by spare parts, and they’ll just re-paste the chips back on the motherboard, which is fine, but not a long term solution. My original PS3 broke back in april and I am waiting for the PS3 slim to come out. Also, be mindful that it could also be other problems such as a broken power supply, faulty hard drive, etc. but the problem I stated is most likely.

  3. contact sony customer support at 1-877-971-7669. it seems like your ps3 has experienced hardware failure but call sony just to be sure and see what options you will have. Most likely it is hardware failure and you will have to get your ps3 repaired or replaced. good luck

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