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The End of – Splatterhouse (X360)


The End of - Splatterhouse (X360)


  1. Always hated the ending of this. Not the fact it was a screw over, that I like and the series is known for twists and cliffhangers…it's the fact they ended the game with a cliffhanger that was already in the first game and halfway through the first game. We all know what will happen, and they want to end the game like that…uhhgg…some of us fans were wanting this ending to be a boss battle, you know this was a reboot or remake after all…I was expecting her to turn when he pulled out that needle on her halfway through the game.

  2. so, all monsters and stuff are related to H.P. Lovecraft's universe? cause' cthulhu and shub-nighurath are mentioned by West at the sacrifice

  3. IDK which one is motherfuckin  scary "SPLATTERHOUSE TRILOGY or ALONE IN THE DARK" series.

  4. What happened to Jen at the end and why were her eyes black? Please tell me she wasn't infected like splatterhouse 3.

  5. The splatterhouse was much more scary on turbografx (i remember first game. First time i played this game about 17 years ago).

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