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Is the PS2 ever going to retire?


PS3’s been out for years now so why is Sony still releasing PS2 games?

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  1. I believe i heard that they are going to only release games on to the ps2 like Madden and games that are favorites that are on all systems.

  2. Sony said the Ps2 will “retire” in it’s 10th year. So next year. People will still play it though. All the games made for it can be played on an xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Sometimes though they change the game on the Ps2 version a bit. For example. Ps2 has it’s own Call of Duty World at War: Frontlines. It’s different then the other COD.

    I think it’s good their still releasing games for it personally. Only because I own won and may not be able to dish out $400 on a Ps3 right now , and knowing it can’t play any of my old ps2 games.

    Anyways they want the Ps3 to Last for 10 year but they will probably make a Ps4 before it’s 10th year. Maybe in 2012 a Ps4 will come out. ( Ps3 came out in the 6th year of PS2, so PS4 will come out 6th year of Ps3.if you see the pattern). But that’s just my guess.

  3. ps3 has only 2 years and it is time for the ps2 to stop producing games.

    but sony wants the 10 year life cycle.

  4. its 10 year life cycle isn’t up yet but almost is but sales are gaining with its price drop so it will stay around for a long time

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